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4th Global Rhinoplasty Fellowship

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4th Global Rhinoplasty Fellowship

Rhinoplasty requires dedicaon and has a long learning curve. Major recent changes in techniques have made this operaon more complex, more lengthy, But undoubtedly with significantly improved results. This 6 days fully hands‐on fellowship programme has been designed in such a way that parcipants could learn the basics first and also update about latest techniques of rhinoplasty. The aim of course is to teach how to avoid pialls that will require a revision to your primary rhinoplasty.

Articles By “Dr. Sunil Tanvar”

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Fellowship Programme

Dr suni tanvar organized 4th international rhinoplasty fellowship Program, Jaipur India 14-19 Oct,2019

Dr. tanvar is Director and teamed 4th International rhinoplasty fellowship program with Dr Paun London. the course have daily lecture and hands on surgical training on 20 different verities of cases.