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Allergy Treatment In Jaipur- Naksh Rhinoplasty Center

Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to things and it occurs when the immune system becomes hypersensitive to certain substances. Allergic reactions can affect the skin throat, lungs, eyes, and nose. Naksh Rhinoplasty Center gives the best Allergy Treatment in Jaipur. If your symptoms last for more than a week and don't seem to be improving, you need to consult with the best allergy doctor in Jaipur for your possible allergies. You can visit Naksh Rhinoplasty Center, as our allergy doctor has excellent knowledge about all medical technologies and offers the best treatment for nasal and sinus allergies.

Major Symptoms of Allergies

  • Itchy eyes, nose and throat.
  • Runny nose, sneezing, and postnasal drip for more than two weeks
  • Sleep problems such as insomnia
  • Irritability, fatigue and inability to focus
  • Headache, pain and tenderness
  • Swelling and pressure around the cheeks and nose

Our experts identify the allergy causes properly then offer effective treatment to patients. Valuable years of experience and expertise help us to provide the best allergy treatment in Jaipur.

Best Allergy Doctor In Jaipur- Dr. Sunil Tanwar

Dr. Sunil Tanvar (Consultant ENT Specialist & Rhinoplasty Surgeon) is an experienced and expert allergy doctor in Jaipur. Dr. Sunil performs various tests such as CT scans and X-Rays for diagnosing the disease and the causes of allergy. Sometimes family history and medical history also helps to determine if symptoms are caused by an allergy. Our medical centre has a well-equipped operation theatre and our experts have excellent knowledge about the advanced medical technologies. With effective and affordable treatment, we also provide complete care to our patients for a good relationship.

Best Allergy Doctor In Jaipur- Dr. Sunil Tanwar

Nasal allergy can be of two types perennial and seasonal.

1. Perennial – This type of allergy is seen throughout the year and major causes are - house dust contains dust mite, mould and fungal spores, animal dander etc.

2. Seasonal Allergy - Something called -Seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever which is seen during change of weather.

Sinus Allergy - This type of allergy occurs when the immune system of the human body has an adverse reaction to certain substances. Major symptoms are sneezing, sore throat and runny nose. Expert allergy doctor in Jaipur offers effective treatment for allergies.

Why choose us for Best Allergy Treatment In Jaipur

Naksh Rhinoplasty Center has the best allergy doctor in Jaipur having valuable years of experience and amazing expertise. Our major priorities are to offer complete care and effective treatment to our patients to save their valuable time and money. You can consult your allergy problem with our allergy doctor to get proper treatment.