Nose Job Surgery Centre in Jaipur

Nose job surgery can be done due to a wide variety of reasons. Are you the right candidate for nose surgery? Visiting the nose job surgery centre in Jaipur can help you find this. The nose job surgery or nose surgery as it is commonly known as is a surgery that is done to improve the function or shape of the nose. There can be various reasons due to which a person is recommended a nose surgery. For example, there can be disfigurement of the nose due to sudden trauma or birth defects or improper shape of the nose can lead to severe breathing difficulties. Thus, surgery can significantly help in improving the functioning of the nose, thereby promoting better breathing as well as enhancing facial appearance. 

Before undergoing the surgery, it is suggested to have a consultation with our rhinoplasty experts at the nose surgery Centre in Jaipur. Such consultation is important to decide the objectives of the surgery. Thus, it helps in assessing surgeons whether you want to undergo surgery just to beautify your facial features or you want to attain better health outcomes. Although the surgery cannot provide a perfect look it enables you to provide a unique look based on other facial features to improve your overall look and personality. Moreover, proper evaluation of the structure of the nose is equally important as it assists the surgeons to obtain future realistic results. Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient can be discharged within a few hours. 

In this operation, the surgeon makes small incisions within the nostrils to reshape the inner bone and cartilage. In more severe conditions, the surgeon might make a cut across the base of the nose. The procedure can help in treating different types of conditions reshaping of the nose size, angle, and nose tip, along with straightening of the nose bridge and widening/narrowing of the nostrils. Thus, all these efforts help in providing a pleasing personality along with better functioning. 

Get your nose surgery done at the nose surgery centre in Jaipur to get best results

Although there are very few risks when our Rhinoplasty surgeons perform the surgery at the nose job surgery centre in Jaipur like other surgeries it also carries such as adverse reaction to anesthesia, infection, and bleeding along with breathing difficulties, asymmetrical nose, scarring, numbness in nose and nosebleeds. In addition to this, maximum patients who take up Rhinoplasty surgery at our center get the desired outcomes but a second surgery can be performed along with additional surgeries to get the most optimum results. Apart from this, there are various options for a non-surgical nose job for nose reshaping with the help of dermal fillers that are injected at particular points in the nose. This results in reshaping the nasal tip, smooth out bumps, and improvement in nasal symmetry. But the results are temporary and lasts up to one year. 

The recovery from the nose job surgery involves the placement of the metal or plastic splint in the nose to enhance the healing process and at the same, the splints help the nose to retain its new shape. Some swelling and bruises might appear around the eyes but gradually all this will improve as the recovery time will proceed. In addition to this, splints or nasal packs might be placed into the nostrils also to stabilize the nasal septum. The patient might experience memory lapses, slow reaction time, and impaired judgment as the result of the medication that is provided after the surgery. But there is no need to worry as the condition will remain till the patient consumes the medicines during the recovery period. 

The recovery period is important as the final result can only be observed when the patient completely heals. Our specialists at the nose surgery Centre in Jaipur recommend patients to avoid strenuous activities such as running, swimming, excessive chewing of food, and blowing of the nose. Moreover, sometimes facial expressions also exert great pressure over the nose and might disturb the healing process. Thus, expressions that involve a lot of movements such as laughing, smiling, and anger should be avoided. Proper follow-up care is of utmost significance so that you are able to pass the recovery without any major problems.