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Looking for the best Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Clinic in Jaipur that can help you improve your nasal functioning? One of the well-known and commonly performed cosmetic procedures, Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the best options for patients who are not satisfied with the shape and size of their nose. The nose job or nose reshaping surgery are some other names for Rhinoplasty. The surgery is quite beneficial for patients who have suffered any major traumatic injury due to accidents or illness along with patients who have potential difficulty in breathing. This can prevent the individual from taking sound sleep and also affect the ability to exercise. Our Rhinoplasty surgeons at Naksh Rhinoplasty Center recommend the surgery to revise the patient’s nose and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face along with improving the functionality of the nose.  

Our surgeons who perform surgery at the Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Clinic in Jaipur believe that when the procedure is performed at the right time, it not only improves breathing but also enhances the self-confidence of the patient in the future time. Further, with the help of 3D imaging techniques, the patients can be shown the anticipated results of the nose reshaping surgery. The rhinoplasty procedure is undertaken to address a variety of conditions. Thus, it involves removal of the nasal hump, resizing or reshaping of the wide nostrils, improving the shape of the nose tip, enhancing or reducing the projection and size of the nose. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that can be performed both ways, ‘closed rhinoplasty’ and ‘open rhinoplasty’.  

In closed rhinoplasty technique, the surgeon makes incisions with patients’ nostrils and has very limited ability to make significant changes in the nose while in case of ‘open rhinoplasty’ the incisions are made both within the nostrils and as well as across the tissue between the nostrils. Our rhinoplasty experts make incisions with such expertise that they are barely visible and heal very fast. 

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While performing the procedure at the Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Clinic in Jaipur, additional cartilage might be required to augment the nose shape while the excessive large nose can be treated by removing excess cartilage. If the rhinoplasty is done for the first time, additional cartilage can be taken from the nasal septum of the patient but if it is being performed for the second time or it is a revision surgery cartilage can be taken from ear or rib also. The revision surgery is undertaken to correct the deformities that have taken place from the earlier procedure. In addition to this, like surgery of other body parts, rhinoplasty surgery also involves certain risks if not done properly by an experienced surgeon. For example, adverse reaction to anesthesia, nose bleeding, numb nose, an asymmetrical nose, scars along with breathing difficulties.   

The recovery time from the surgery differs from patient to patient depending on their condition and the purpose for which the surgery was undertaken. After surgery, a plastic or metal splint can be placed in the patient’s nose so that the nose can retain its new shape while healing. Moreover, these splints or nasal packs can also be placed inside the nostrils to stabilize the septum. One of the most common problems found after the surgery is nasal stuffiness and it can be highly stressful for the patient but this is temporary and can be cured as soon as the internal nasal splints are removed. All these conditions remain after a few weeks of the surgery and disappear as soon as the nose regains its new shape and size.  

The experts at the Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Clinic in Jaipur suggest that patients should take certain precautions especially a few weeks after the surgery. Patients are expected to avoid activities such as swimming, running, and other physical activities that are strenuous and blowing your nose. These activities can trigger bleeding. In addition to this, patients should also avoid excessive chewing and other facial expressions that involve a lot of facial movements such as laughing and smiling. Healing from the procedure can take a significant amount of time but the patient should follow the instructions of the doctor so that any damage to the nose after the rhinoplasty surgery can be avoided.