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Dr. Tanvar conducted a Live Cadaveric Dissection demonstration program. March 07,2021

Dr Sunil Tanvar was invited as Operating Faculty at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur He conducted a Live Cadaveric Dissection demonstration in MGMC Jaipur. Other than performing the live demonstration, he has also explained & taught Surgical Anatomy of Nose and tips & tricks of Rhinoplasty to all the session attendees. The workshop was attended by more than 2200 doctors and telecasted worldwide.

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Dr. Tanvar was organized Rhinoplasty cadaver dissection demonstration program ,September 23,2020

Dr. Tanvar was faculty of the cadaver dissection course at JNU University, Jaipur. Dr. Tanvar demonstrated anatomy of nose and different techniques of rhinoplasty surgery during the demonstration. The program moderated by renowned rhinoplasty surgeon dr Santdeep Paun (London), Dr. Satish Jain, Dr. Pradeep Goil and programme was live worldwide that attended by 1500 doctors.

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Dr tanvar was webinar host of rhinoplasty society of India,june 26 ,2020

Dr Tanvar host and moderate webinar of rhinoplasty society of India on tip surgery. In this webinar renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Dr hossam foda,Egypt present lecture on tip surgery techniques .

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Dr Tanvar was presents lecture on tip surgery techniques in webinar of rhinoplasty society of Europe

Dr Tanvar invited as faculty and present lecture on lateral crural flip techniques of tip surgery in listining to bright mind webinar of rhinoplasty society of Europe. The session moderate by renowned rhinoplasty surgeon dr Enricco robboti ,Italy & dr gubish, Germany and dr nazim circus,turkey.

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22-23 February 2020

Dr. Tanvar was organizing chairman of 4th international rhinoplasty congress Global rhinoplasty update 22-23 February 2020

Dr. Tanvar organized 4th international rhinoplasty congress at Jaipur. The congress was attended by 170 national and international delegates. Dr. Tanvar demonstrate cadaver dissection and live surgery. Dr Tanvar moderate a panel discussion also on tips & tricks of rhinoplasty. Other international faculties of conference was Dr. Hossam foda, Dr alireza and other eminent national faculties.

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Dr Tanvar invited as faculty in AOICON 2020 Nagpur

Dr Tanvar invited as faculty and shared his work on management of crooked nose and participated in panel moderated by international renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sabistan.

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December 12-13,2019

Dr tanvar was invited as guest faculty in AIIMS jodhpur, December 12-13,2019

Dr Tanvar was an invited guest faculty in 3rd annual rhinoplasty workshop jodhpur. Dr Tanvar Done Cadaveric dissection and demonstrated anatomy and taken two lectures on surgical anatomy and osteotomy in rhinoplasty. Workshop was well organized with wonderful academic session.

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December 14-15,2019

Dr tanvar was invited an speaker in RAJAOICON 2019

dr tanvar was invited an speaker in Rajasthan state conference of otolaryngologist 2019 in Ranthambhore. Dr tanvar gave their presentation on deviated nose and share his experiences of rhinoplasty knowledge

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November, 25-26-2019

Invited speaker in world ENT, meeting Dubai

Dr Sunil Tanvar was invited speaker in world ENT, meeting Dubai for sharing his knowledge in rhinoplasty from India.

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Februray, 16-17-2019


Invited as a speaker in The First Russion-Indian in aesthetic forum 16-17 februray 2019 New Delhi India.

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October, 14-19-2019

Dr suni tanvar organized 4th international rhinoplasty fellowship Program, Jaipur India 14-19 Oct,2019

Dr. tanvar is Director and teamed 4th International rhinoplasty fellowship program with Dr Paun London. the course have daily lecture and hands on surgical training on 20 different verities of cases.

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Dr Tanvar was Invited speaker in ICSEM 2019

Dr Tanvar was an invited a guest speaker in international conference on sport & exercise medicine for keynote lecture on Nasal injuries in sports. The conference was organized by Dr Ashish Mittal on sport’s injuries management, sports rehab, pain management which included a faculty at top sports medicine.

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April 20-21, 2019

Dr Tanvar was organizing chairman of 3rd international Rhinoplasty congress “Global Rhinoplasty update April 20-21, 2019

Dr Tanvar has organized the 3rd international Rhinoplasty conference at Jaipur. The conference was attended by 140 national and international delegates and included cadaver dissection demonstration, live surgeries, lectures and panel dissection. Dr Tanvar gave a live surgical demonstration and delivered a keynote lecture on deviated nose and moderated a panel discussion on tips & tricks in Rhinoplasty.

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April 2019

Dr Tanvar has appointed as a founder secretary of Rhinoplasty society of India. April 2019

Dr Tanvar has appointed as founder secretary of newly constituted society “Rhinoplasty Society of India”. Dr Tanvar delivered sincerely thanks to governing body member and colleagues for this honour and assured to take society at heights of excellence.

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Dr Tanvar invited speaker at 14th Asia –Ocenia 2019

Dr Tanvar was an invited as guest faculty at the 14th Ascia-Ocenia 2019 congress in Hyderabad which is attended by 3000 delegates. The Faculty included 50 renowned experts in head & neck Surgery. Dr Tanvar delivered lecture on managing of deviated nose and share his expertness of Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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2nd December, 2018

Dr. Tanvar Invited Speaker at 5th Delhi Rhinoplasty Course, Delhi Dec 2018

Dr Tanvar was an invited faculty at the 5th Delhi Rhinoplasty course held on 1st and 2nd Dec. 2018 organized by Department of Facial Plastic & Otolaryngology Department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. Dr Tanvar presented a Rhinoplasty lecture and moderated a surgical session. The workshop other faculties included eminent Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Amar Singh, Oman, Dr Sureyya Seneldir, Istanbul.

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Dr. Tanvar Invited Speaker at Rajaoicon Meeting 2018

Dr. Sunil was an invited faculty at the Annual Conference “RAJAOICON 2018” meeting at Ajmer. Dr. Tanvar delivered lecture and moderated a rhinoplasty surgical session together with Dr. Devang Gupta, Ahmedabad.

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December 08-09, 2018

Dr Tanvar Invited Speaker At Rhinoplasty Masterclass, Indore, Dec. 2018

Dr. Tanvar was an invited guest faculty at the 22nd Rhinoplasty Master-Class on 8-9 December 2018 at Akash Hospital, Indore. Dr Tanvar gave a master-class lecture on surgical anatomy of nose and about photography in Rhinoplasty. The workshop was organized by Dr. Brajendra Baser an eminent rhinoplasty surgeon along with Dr. Dev Roy India.

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October 08-09, 2018

Dr. Tanvar Invited Guest Faculty at Jodhpur AIIMS, India Oct. 8-9, 2018

Dr Tanvvar was an invited faculty at 2nd Annual live surgery and Cadaveric dissection course on Rhinoplasty organized by department of ENT & Anatomy AIIMS Jodhpur. Dr Tanvar gave multiple lectures on different Rhinoplasty Topic and shared cadaver dissection training course.

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November 11-16, 2018

Dr. Tanvar Director of 3rd International Rhinoplasty Fellowship Programme, Jaipur India 11-16 Nov., 2018

Dr Sunil teamed up with Dr Santdeep Paun (London) welcomed fellow from Jordan, Dubai, Bangladesh and India for one-week hands-on surgery fellowship which include daily lectures and intensive hands-on surgical training on 15 Rhinoplasty cases. Dr Tanvar coached the fellow with Dr Santdeep Paun (London) while performing Rhinoplasty training Course.

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May, 2018

Medicon’s Master Course in Rhinoplasty May 2018

Dr. Sunil Tanvar organized a 5 Day Rhinoplasty Workshop at Jaipur. Course Instructors included faculties like Dr. Santdeep Paun from London, Dr. Dev Roy from India. The workshop included a full day hands on surgeries and lectures covering most of the aspects in Rhinoplasty. The participants included from UK, Iraq and India.

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January, 2018

Global Rhinoplasty Update January 2018

Dr. Tanvar organized the International Rhinoplasty Conference named Global Rhinoplasty Update 2018. The conference covered live surgeries, lectures and cadaver dissection demonstrations. The course was attended by elite international faculties like Dr. Hossam foda from Egypt, Dr. Virendra Ghaisas from Pune and Dr. Brijendra Baser from Indore.

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January, 2018

Dr. Sunil Tanvar invited Guest Faculty at AOICON January 2018

The Annual Conference of the Otolaryngologists of India was held at Indore in January 2018. The conference was graced by eminent faculty members from all over the globe. As an invitee to the conference, Dr. Sunil Tanvar presented his lecture on Rhinoplasty.