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Are you experiencing breathing difficulties due to a blocked nose or nasal congestion? It’s time to visit the Blocked Nose Treatment centre in Jaipur which can help you overcome major nose problems like nasal obstruction, thereby improving your breathing ability. A blocked nose is one of the most commonly found symptoms of a viral infection such as a common cold or flu and it is primarily caused due to inflammation of mucous membranes inside the nose. The nasal obstruction can arise as a result of the shape of the inside of the nose, as well as potential swelling in the inner part of the nose. Sometimes a defect in the partition of the nose (nasal septum) may lead to twist which can lead to a stuffy nose. On the other hand, other structures of the nose such as adenoids might get enlarged which can lead to severe nasal obstruction. 

 Our ENT specialists while providing the Blocked Nose Treatment centre in Jaipur explains that the blocked nose is itself a symptom that the person is suffering from any kind of viral and bacterial infections. But certain other conditions, for example, rhinorrhoea might also emerge due to blocked nose. The person suffering from this can showcase symptoms like facial pain, itching and crusting in the nose, loss of sensation of smell, sneezing along with nasal discharge that can originate, and drip from the front of the nose to the back of the throat. The doctors at our centre carefully analyze these symptoms and develop a plan to provide the right and most accurate treatment to the patients. In addition to this, the nasal blockage can also be caused due to bacterial infections like seasonal allergy, sinusitis, and over usage of nasal decongestant medicines. 

Sometimes the sinus is sensitive to particular smells like the smoke of cigarettes, paints, cleaning products like phenyl, hair sprays, and body perfumes. Thus, when air mixed with such products enters the nose, it can make the mucous membrane swell up causing blockage in the nose and difficulty in breathing. Thus, our specialists suggest that it is very important to find the exact cause of a blocked nose to provide the right treatment. 

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The treatment for blocked nose in Jaipur depends on the specific condition of the individual patient and the severity of the symptoms. In mild cases of nasal blockage we prefer to treat patients with relevant medicines while in more severe cases, different types of surgeries are performed to provide the required relief to the patient. Before suggesting any surgical procedure, it is important to analyze the underlying cause of the nasal obstruction. For example, if the problem exists due to defect in the nasal septum, septoplasty is suggested to strengthen the septum while if the outer appearance of the nose is responsible, Rhinoplasty is recommended to reshape the outer appearance of the nose.  

In addition to this, if the obstruction is occurring due to swelling in the folds of the mucous membrane, turbinate surgery can be performed to overcome the condition. Sinus surgery is suggested if the infection persists or recurrence of the infection takes place in the sinus. Enlarged adenoids can be surgically treated through a surgical procedure such as Adenoidectomy including the nasal polyps. Thus, many surgical treatment options exist for treating a blocked nose but it completely depends on the patient’s conditions that which procedure will provide the best results to treat the problem. 

The surgeons at our Blocked Nose Treatment centre in Jaipur recommends patients undertake certain precautions after undergoing the surgery to avoid nasal blockage. For example, strenuous activities should be avoided as they can exert pressure on your face. Apart from this, try to include foods in your diet that are rich in minerals and vitamins and make sure you should avoid taking heavy meals at dinner. Vitamin C is very important to build the necessary resistance and it can be obtained through citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Proper rest, relaxation, and sleep are equally important as this helps in boosting your immune system. Nasal decongestant sprays can also be used that are directly sprayed into the nostrils. This helps in providing immediate relief from a blocked nose.