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Rhinoplasty is an art of surgery for reshaping and resizing the nose. It's a kind of nasal surgery that is done for correcting cosmetic deformity with or without a functional problem necessary to maintain a clear nasal airway, many time deviated septum, depressed nose, or narrowing of nose deformities reduces or closes the airway which leads to difficulty in breathing, allergy problems leading to asthma. In today's modern era every young person is beauty conscious and many boys and girls are fighting for modeling or air hostess when they may need this kind of surgery for resizing and reshaping their nose according to their facial profile.

Dr. Sunil Tanvar IBCFPRS BOARD DIPLOMATE Founder Secretary, Rhinoplasty Society of India
Consultant ENT Specialist & Rhinoplasty Surgeon
Master in Rhinoplasty (USA)
Fellowship in Rhinoplasty (Alexandria)

Dr Sunil Tanvar is a renowned Rhinoplasty surgeon from North India & has been practising in this field for the last 15 years

He is the director of Naksh Rhinoplasty Center, India's only dedicated exclusive rhinoplasty surgery centre. He is an ENT & facial plastic surgeon and is also accredited by the international IBCFPRS Board USA. He has done dedicated work for nasal diseases including functional, cosmetic, reshaping or structural. He has learnt the art of rhinoplasty from world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Hossam Foda, Alexandria Medical School, Egypt and also worked with Dr Santdeep Paun, London. Read more...


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