Testimonial 01
Dear Dr. Sunil.

I am feeling so lucky of having attended your rhinoplasty hands on course. Here are my feed back and suggestions:

  • the course was a real hands on , where we found a great opportunity to go step by step through the procedure, starting from patients selection to planning and operating.
  • the guidance was excellent in all aspects.
  • addressing the needs for each procedure was explained by lectures as well as on table, has made us understanding the prencibles if rhinoplasty.
  • the course has taken us from very basic to very advanced way of thinking and applying the art of rhinoplasty in either functional and aesthetic aspects.
  • your hospitality was far exceeding the usual.

My suggestions:

  • the 5 days could be divided in ( 4 days plus 1 day ) 4 days for surgical rhinoplasty hands on and 1 day for other non surgical facial plastic procedures.
  • continues medical education ( CME ) to be calcualted and givin to the candidates.
  • inviting the companies manufacturing the needed instruments will give change to the candidates choosing the instruments while they are fresh and full of knowledge.

Thank you so much and looking forward to attending more of your precious courses.

Dr. Hakeem Al-oraibi
Consultant ENT and facial plastic surgery
Kingdom of Bahrain.

Testimonial 02

Dr tanvar's global rhinoplasty update fellowship course is best course I have attended so far and really this is a best course to learn rhinoplasty in India. his hospitality was no second to his surgical skills.I highly recommend this fellowship even for the very experienced surgeon.
Dr. Jagnnath S Ganveer
superintendent ESI General Hospital
Indore (india)

Testimonial 03

It was great to work with u. I learnt many new techniques and ways to operate. Dr sant deep paun is excellent teacher,he simplfied the steps and answered all my relevent and irrelevnt questions in a simplified manner. Hospitality by you and Dr sushila was excellent .I will always remain grateful to you and Dr sant deep paun for this fellowship
Dr Gunwant Yashlaha